Kylie Jack

I'm a designer, developer, product manager and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. When I'm not making software more usable, I make delicious carbs and combine them with cheese and wine. Failing that, I've been known to write and perform music marinated in early 80's synth pop.


As a graduate of Alfred University and the Austin Center for Design, I have formal training in both visual and interaction design. My design experience spans from user research, to synthesis, to wireframing, to user testing. My research has included play and creative problem solving, autism, career and life goal setting, and non-profit fundraising. 


I spent 16 years architecting and building backend and frontend technical solutions. I built custom engines for high volume ticketing, medical billing, and on-demand binary images for electronic toys.

Product Manager

I combined my design and development experience with Scrum methodology and a Master of Science in Project Management in order to define and manage technology projects from medical finance dashboards, to high school fundraisers, to online tutoring. 


I've co-founded three Austin startups (Front Gate Tickets, Source Spring, Kites and Ladders) and consulted with several other companies to help them get their start.


Although I played for several years for the likes of Sarah Glynn and Omar Lopez, I've primarily chosen the path of an introverted studio musician since 1989. Although I spend most of my time behind keyboards and hardware-based sequencers, I started out playing dobro and lap steel guitar.