The gender neutral restroom sign is not new.
But what if it did more?

Download a PDF version

Download the SVG source

Download PNG files

How to Use It

1. Print out your favorite one

Some people find the 4-spoke trans symbol controversial, but I like the inclusiveness of the asterisk and an empty spoke for agender and neutrois folks. Or, you can pick the traditional trans symbol. Or, if you just like the un-genderness of a toilet, you can have that too! 

2. Fill it out!

Head on in to the head. Look around you. Grab a sharpie and fill out the form as best you can! Boxes to fill out have watermarks of a checkmark () or pound/hash sign (#). You can put in whatever you want, but mostly people need to know if a bathroom simply has a feature, and often, how many it has.

3. Slap that sucker over the restroom sign!

Presto, change-o, your favorite restroom is gender neutral and has a lovely overview of amenties. 

4. (optional) Share a photo of your work!

Chances are your sign is coming down soon. Sorry. You might want to take a picture for posterity. If you want, share it with me, @ixkylie on Twitter or Instagram. Yo, I’m not at all sure of the legality of this, so maybe be psuedo- or anonymous when sharing.

5. Credits and how to help!

I’m @ixkylie (, and I designed this gender-neutral restroom sign based on an idea from my friend @jamiw. Thanks to @starkat99, @xacat, and @rachelthec for feedback.

I would love to see a bi-lingual or Spanish-only version, but I don’t trust Google Translate to get it right. Please contact me if you can help! I would also like to see this be seeing-impaired accessible, and again, need help.

I would love for this to integrate with Refuge Restrooms (an app for finding safe, gender-neutral, and accessible restrooms) via optical character recognition. Their source is available on GitHub and they accept pull requests (or you can contact me)!

These documents are public domain.